These pictures were taken on our latest road trip. This time the map led us to Key West, Florida. This is the southernmost point in the continental United States. Since our trip was in late December, the town of Key West had erected a xmas tree right next to the marker. "Southernmost" is a much abused moniker in Key West, most likely a tourist-trap concocted by the Key West jaycees. If you would like to go to Key West, avoid December and January like the plague. Our first night there we stayed at a TravelLodge to the tune of $289 but the second night only cost us $219 at the Best Western Hibiscus. Go there between May and August since it's freaking hot and hotels are cheap (about $100). Go snorkeling at SubTropic. Eat at Crabby Dick's, drink at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe (don't get there til at least 11pm or you'll wait an hour for a table), and take a picture of the sunset at Mallory Square. Get gas in Georgia where it's obscenely cheap, and watch out for Florida's 15% hotel tax. Shifty bastards.
    Trip Itinerary:
  • Left Hershey, PA at 10:30pm on 12/27/98
  • Mistakenly arrived at Miami International Airport (95 just ENDS!) at 5:00pm on 12/28/98
  • Arrived Key West, FL at 9:30pm on 12/28/98
  • Ryan designated "Captain Obvious" in Denny's after pointing out the obvious (context forgotten) at 10:30pm on 12/28/98
  • I become "The Red Arrow" after my inability to find ANYTHING on a map not being pointed to by a red arrow (1:00pm on 12/29/98)
  • Ryan and I team up to become famous duo "Captain Obvious and The Red Arrow" at 1:01pm on 12/29/98
  • Matt drunk (2 long islands, 2 margariatas) at 11:00pm on 12/29/98
  • Matt wakes up drunk and realizes he will be snorkeling in one hour (8:30am on 12/30/98)
  • We leave Key West following lunch at 3:00pm on 12/30/98
  • Arrival in Red Lion, PA at 12:00pm on 12/31/98